The Flowerhorn Cichlid

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King Kamfa Strain

Flowerhorn cichlids are a popular species of aquarium fishes known for the brilliant coloration and unusually shaped heads. The protuberance known properly as a “nuchal hump” is more often referred to as the “kok”. This species is a man-made hybrid that exists in the wild only due to their release by irresponsible owners. Originally developed/created in Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand, this fish quickly gained popularity. Kept in Asia, Europe, and the U.S., the Flowerhorn is banned in Australia. Because of their hybridization, some question the ethical impact of breeding these amazing fish. Fearing their introduction and cross breeding with natural fish species. We prefer to embrace them for their amazing colors, personality, and original nature. Welcome to Excaliburfh.com your premier source for Flowerhorn nutrition. Let us show you what makes us the right choice for the health and well being of your prized tropical fish.

In Captivity

Tank Size

Large Aquariums are recommended for the Flowerhorn Cichlid.

You can expect your Flowerhorn cichlids life to span about 10–12 years. Provide them with warm water between 82 and 84 degrees fahrenheit, with a pH value between 7.4 and 8.0. Remember, big fish require big tanks, so we recommend a minimum of 55 U.S. gallons, though 125 U.S. gallons or larger is even better. This is especially true when breeding Flowerhorns as large pairs require plenty of room. A super aggressive species of tropical fish, Flowerhorns should not be kept together unless they are a known pair. Otherwise your investment may be short-lived as they will battle to the death.

Sexing Flowerhorns

vent sexing

Vent Sexing Your Flowerhorn

Breeders use several methods to distinguish between male and female Flowerhorns. Though in general there is only one sure way to know.

Males – Generally, males are larger than females with rare exception. However, males usually develop brighter coloration and the “kok” or “nuchal hump” which is present in some females, though not as pronounced. Male Flowerhorn cichlids have visually thicker lips than the female’s.

Females –  Most strains demonstrate black dots on their dorsal fins, while males generally develop longer anal and dorsal fins. Females usually display an orange belly, a prominent feature when in spawning.  One sure way to determine the sex of Flowerhorn is that grown female will lay eggs every month even with or without her male counterpart.

Proven Method – The best option is to vent sex your fish. The image on the right demonstrates the visible differences between male and female. When venting fish, care should be placed in the handling of every specimen. Insure that you grasp the fish firmly with a wet hand, and return them to the water as promptly as possible to avoid accidental injury.

Proper Nutrition

Flowerhorn Cichlids are not picky eaters. However, that doesn’t mean that just any food is acceptable. In truth, these fabulous fish require a high protein diet with plenty of calcium, vitamins, and astaxanthin for improved coloration. These feeds are available online and in your local fish store, but are not enough in and of themselves. Serious fish-keepers should always seek the very best for their fish. A few uneducated flowerhorn keepers believe that the foods do not make a difference in the fish and it is based solely on genetics. This is not true for just about any species on the planet. Top notch competition animals are normally feed the best food possible to maximize the genetic potential of the animal. This is the same with Humans, you can give a person with the best genetics burgers and fries all day and the will not be as healthy or maximize their genetic potential. This basic nutritional knowledge is common for pretty much every species on the planet. If you want the best that your fish can be, you need to feed it the best properly balanced food available. Excalibur!

The Good News

Keeping your Flowerhorns at their peak is now obtainable in one food system. Excalibur Original staple for everyday feeding, Intense Red to bring out the vibrant red color,  Mass Effect for head and body growth, and Diamond Dust for maximum shine for pearling. Excalibur Flowerhorn pellets were developed to keep your specimens healthy, happy, and vibrant. Our formulas will promote more vivid coloration, head growth, and defined pearling. These pellets contain an exclusive mix of premium all natural ingredients created specifically for Flowerhorn Cichlids. They truly are “The Ultimate Flowerhorn Food.”

Ingredients and what they mean

There is a large difference in ingredients in fish food. The back label is required by US law to list the ingredients by weight. There are companies that use deceptive marketing practices like the term “Whole fish, as the number 1 ingredient: this is a wet weight before being dried and ultimately it is not the 1st ingredient in the fish food. There are differences in the quality of fish that are used in fish food. Whole salmon Meal is a whole fish that they take all the parts of the fish including omega 3 acids instead of fish meal, which are the leftovers after processing the fish for other things. You may see white fish, low quality ingredients in some foods. So many people ask what the best flowerhorn food is. By looking at the label and educating yourself on the ingredients, you can become better informed. There is also a debate out there about protein. Not all protein comes from the same source. Some foods use mammal by-products for protein. The fish do not accept that kind of protein well. Using the highest quality ingredients that are normally found in a natural habitat are far better than a fish protein extract seen in some foods. That leads me to wheat flour and fillers. Many times a company will split up wheat germ and wheat flour as two separate ingredients to make them lower on the list of the label. In reality, the combined weight of the two makes it higher on the ingredient list by weight. Take a look at using a whole fish meal (best ingredient) vs whole fish or fish meal. Look for fillers that you probably cannot pronounce. The less fillers, the better!! Also, as we talked about mammal proteins, some aquatic proteins such as spirulina are a much healthier protein that fish meal. When a flowerhorn keeper says that protein is bad, they are showing a lack of basic nutritional education of what type of protein is used. Beef heart (a fattier protein) is much worse than an algae or bug based protein.  There are other factors in the protein that play a part as protein vs fat. I have seen too many people feed their fish garbage foods and never maximize the genetic potential of the fish. That is the goal, maximizing the genetics of the fish by using the best foo out there!!!


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