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This copper based medication is extremely effective in the treatment of ick, velvet, and other hard to treat external parasites. Full Metal Jacket is up to 5x more concentrated then the other “mainstream’ copper medications, so a little goes a long way!! Our 4oz bottle will treat up to 472 gallons, compared to the “other guys” 8oz bottle that only treats 300 gallons. Full Metal Jacket is extremely safe when used as directed, and will not stain your aquarium. MAY BE HARMFUL TO PLANTS, SNAILS, SHRIMP, AND OTHER INVERTEBRATES!!
Directions: This medication stays active in the tank for up to 1 month.
To treat ick, velvet and other external parasites
Remove carbon from filter.
Add 5ml per 20 gallons of tank water.
When doing a water change, dose for the volume of water you are replacing.
Remove invertebrates from tank. Full Metal Jacket is harmful to shrimp, eels, catfish, scale less fish, and some snails. Do not overdose. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. For aquarium use only. This product is intended for the exclusive use with ornamental fish and/or other ornamental organisms and is not intended for use with humans or fish intended for human consumption.

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