Mass Effect for Kok and Body




Mass effect contains an exclusive mix of fish, shrimp, worms, and minerals which help increase head size, and body shape. Great for any Flowerhorns this is a supplement food, designed to be fed in conjunction with a healthy staple food such as Excalibur’s Original, Intense Red, or diamond Dust. This Hormone free food with no fillers has seen extreme results in Flowerhorns that have the nuchal lump gene. Used by competition Winners! This is not a stand-alone Food Sold in a 1/2lb resalable bag. Floating 3 MM Size. Feed as much as the flowerhorn can eat in 3-5 min once every 2-3 days, can be done once a day before grooming this is a food designed to be used in conjunction with another Excalibur food.

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Weight 8 oz


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