Intense Red Flowerhorn/SRT Food




Excalibur Intense Red Premium Flowerhorn Food is designed for Flowerhorns to bring out those intense reds. Works Great on other Cichlids too. An all-natural-Healthy food for your flowerhorn cichlid fish to make him pop with red color. Loaded with krill, shrimp and astaxanthin to help color up your fish to its potential and to bring out the natural color of your Super Red Dragon Flowerhorn, Kamfa, and two toned fish, when used in with diamond dust. Fortified for a balanced diet and no fillers-Use with the complete line of Excalibur Premium Flowerhorn food or alone for a balanced healthy diet hormone free with no fillers-For that natural, healthy growth you want for your Flowerhorn fish. INTENSE RED is our custom blended red enhancing food. Sold in in 1/2-pound resalable bags, this 3mm pellet will be a hit with all your fish that have reds in them. Floating 3 mm size. Feed as much as your fish can eat in 3-5 min, number of meals per day is dependent on size and if you are actively grooming your flowerhorn

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


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