Excalibur Original Flowerhorn Pellets 3MM




EXCALIBUR ORIGINAL FLOWERHORN FOOD contains an exclusive mix of premium, all-natural ingredients. They were designed to keep your fish at its optimum health while promoting an increase in coloring, head growth, and more defined pearls. This is The Ultimate Flowerhorn Food 100% ALL NATURAL-Healthy food for your flowerhorn or other cichlid fish to make the color pop and increase pearling. Using only whole fish meals and top ingredients with no fillers brings out the best features of your flowerhorn or cichlid color this food is suitable for all kinds of Flowerhorns from SRD, Kamfa, Thai Silk, golden base, etc. This fortified food can be used as a stand-alone food or with the entire line of Excalibur Foods. All our foods are hormone free and give you that natural, healthy growth you want for your Flowerhorn fish. Comes in a resalable 1/2 lb. bag. Floating 3 mm size. Feed as much as your fish can eat in 3-5 min, number of meals per day is dependent on size and if you are actively grooming your flowerhorn. This is the “Ultimate Flowerhorn food”

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Weight 8 oz

3mm, 5mm


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